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Michael Ulmer

With hard work and a passion for life, Texarkanian Michael Ulmer realizes his dream of becoming an actor
by Molly Edwards

Vincent Price, the popular 1950’s actor, said, “A man who limits his interests, limits his life.” In today’s society, this ​​quote defines our reality as very little is left to the imagination. ​​​Anything is possible. Vincent Price is admired by ​​small town boy Michael Ulmer from Texarkana, Texas, for ​​his ability to enact such intense drama and receive great ​​emotion from his ​​viewers. As Michael ​​is an avid fan of old school horror films, it ​​is only natural for him to share, “my role ​​model in life is Vincent Price.” A passion ​​for life, a passion for his craft and last, but ​certainly not least, a passion for his Creator ​​are what Michael is all about. Always passionate ​​with whatever he involves himself ​​in, 24-year-old Michael exemplifies how ​​hard work and passion pay off.​

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