Film “Rumors of Wars” Wraps up Filming in Mississippi: Behind the Scenes

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Filming in Mississippi

The latest movie to shoot inside the borders of Mississippi wrapped up its filming on Monday night
by Knox Graham

“Rumors of Wars” has been shooting in the state and more specifically, Jackson, for the last several weeks.  ​“It’s an edgy faith-based redemptive thriller,” says producer Patrick Werksma.

I traveled about five miles outside of Flora, Miss. to their final shooting location on what appeared to be a family farm with an abandoned building surrounded by fields. When I arrive on this particular day they’re waiting for the sun to go down to shoot some night scenes on the property and it’s cloudy and cold.

Some pranks are starting to break out among a few of the executives as the end of filming is in sight by nights end. The Bostonian wingtips I have on are clearly out of place on this particular evening as there’s mud anywhere foot traffic has been established after raining through out the week.

Rehearsal with dozens of Mississippians who are extras in the movie takes place right before dark as they make the trek down a gravel road from costume tents and makeshift campers….

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