Everyone watches films; they have become the nation’s (and even the world’s) most experienced art form. Needless to say, a lot of our culture is influenced by movies. In fact, one could argue that we don’t really understand how much the slight messages and subtle morals within major motion pictures really make a difference in our society, not just desensitizing its viewers to the often-times sensual content (sex, drugs, violence, etc), but instilling small doses of counterfeit confidence and foolish fears – unrealistic expectations of women, men, love, and so on.

The saddest part of all is that the majority of films are like this – they really don’t give the audience life or bear good fruit. In fact, most of the movies coming out of Hollywood today are solely made for entertainment purposes – big explosions, big names, and big budgets – so that the viewers can forget their lives for a couple of hours. However, when they leave the theater, their worldview has been changed (or defined) ever so slightly, and their daily walk has conformed. Not a lot. Just enough. And often times, faith-based films seek to bring meaningful messages to the screen. Unfortunately, while it’s a valiant effort on the part of faith-based filmmakers, these films usually end up more resembling Sunday sermons than powerful, quality motion pictures.

That’s where Bearfruit Films comes in. We see a gap that must be filled – a gap between faith-based films and the other world; a gap between meaningful, fruit-bearing messages and quality films. It’s our goal to make major motion pictures that the viewers want to watch over and over again, and that gives them a message that bears fruit in their life.

That being said, we believe that bearing fruit comes from planting seeds – not by attempting to “transplant” entire sermons into people’s minds while they watch a screen for two hours. Ideas are best expressed through stories, and stories are about characters because both the storyteller and the hearer relate to characters. Bearfruit Films wants to tell profound, heart-touching stories about brave, loving characters. By doing this, our audience will learn about bravery and our audience will properly define love. Bearfruit Films brings redemptive stories to life.