Testimonials from the Cast of “Rumors of Wars”

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SHANNEN FIELDS (Star of “Facing the Giants”)

It didn’t take me long to realize from the moment I got picked up at the airport that my time working with Bearfruit Films, was going to be a great experience! The way their amazing cast, crew, director, producers pulled together on and off set is how I hope all projects I work on can be. I know BearFruit Films has great things ahead and I’m grateful I could be a part of one of their projects!

JASON BURKEY  (star of “October Baby”)

I had a blast on with Bearfruit Films. It was the first time I got a taste of some action scenes and Paul is a great director.  He knows what he wants, but more importantly is relaxed, stress-free, and open to suggestions. The team at Bearfruit Films really know what they’re doing! I would love to work with them again soon. (wink, nudge)

BEN DAVIES (star of “Courageous”)

To pick the most memorable experience on set is difficult.  I don’t think I’ll forget seeing our Executive Producer show up with a small Python to prank the crew.  I would say the best experience I had was getting to know all the people working on the project. The whole cast and crew were truly a blessing to work with. I was blessed to have such a great environment to work in and hope I can do it again soon. Paul, the director, was such a great instructor and leader. I remember several times where Paul’s direction really helped me get into the role and get a better vision for the scene. Another crew member that stood out was the Director of Photography, Phil Roy. I had never worked with someone who was so meticulous with every shot. Even when we were stretched for time Phil would never compromise a shot or settle for anything less than perfection. I really appreciate that mentality and I know it will show through in the final product. I learned so much during this project and wish them all the best in all their projects to come.

MICHAEL JOINER  (star of “Grace Card”)

I was entirely blessed to work with such a talented crew. I am now good friends with the director, Paul, and the producers, James and Patrick.

MICHAEL ULMER (lead role of Webb)

As I read the script I had chills the entire time. It is frighteningly topical. The story makes you think and really assess the current situation of the world we live in.  I met so many quality people working on this film. I feel like I made a lot of lifelong connections with some really great people.  Everyone was a genuine pleasure to work with, and working with Paul was awesome; he let me go crazy with the amazing character he created and I had so much fun. Everyone with Bearfruit was the best, they were right there with us the whole time outside in the freezing cold and in the mud making sure everyone was doing okay, and had what they needed. By the end of the shoot it was painful to leave because we had become such a family.

DUSTIN TAVELLA  (Award Winning Recording Artist)

I was so pumped because I knew how awesome this movie was gonna be and was so excited to be a part. They asked me to play Ramirez and make a music video with one of my songs.  Mike Michaels, the special effects make-up artist and stunt coordinator, is super talented and I loved working with him.  Being a part of this project and working with Paul, the director was incredible. Paul is so easy to work with and he is so good at communicating and explaining parts so it takes off a lot of pressure and really makes things fun. I learned a ton of things being on this movie set. I am really hoping to work more with Paul and Bearfruit Films in the future. The whole group was great.


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